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Vision and Mission


Our Vision is to decrease preventable blindness worldwide.

Our products are designed to make early detection and monitoring of eye diseases possible at lowest price. We keep in mind that most people in the world have no easy access to eye-care specialists.

Even in developed countries the loss of eyesight does not have the desirable significance. A loss or reduction of vision unfortunatly goes hand in hand with the loss of participation in social and cultural life.


App4eyes is a company for your eye health.

Our programs and apps for screening and monitoring of vision are available on all popular devices.

We offer programs to support those who have to cope with visual limitations in order to improve their ability to take part in social and cultural life.
The aim of our technical solution is to offer everybody low-threshold access to tools that can sustain and improve visual function.

Mission Statement

Corporate Mission

We understand our company as a social and ethical organization with responsibility for the ecosystem. Sustainability and humanism are the basic principles for our entrepreneurship.

We define our organization and processes in a way to develop, produce and deliver products at lowest costs reasonably possible.

Protection of data privacy is one of our core competences: you keep control of all of your data generated with our programs and apps, you decide who may get access to your data, we do not store your data on our servers.



Good vision is your concern ? You're interested in maintaining your level of vision or compensate for visual limitations? Then you are our customer! We address those who are looking for cost-efficient solutions for screening and monitoring vision, who seek possibilities to take part in social and cultural life.


Our employees are our co-workers. As a team we build the source for innovations for the sake of our customers. Our staff members have strength and weaknesses - features that might be regarded as weakness, for example visual impairment - can be a strength when it comes to being and advisor for our company.

Business Partners

The common objective of app4eyes and our partners is to sustain vision and to prevent visual impairment worldwide. We want to be the the premier business partner for small and medium enterprises, facilitating wealth creation, job creation and shared economic development.


With uncompromising integrity and ethics we value...

... our position of trust with our clients - its foundation in partnership, respect, fairness, credibility, and keeping our commitments is fundamental to success in all our engagements.

... our people - their passion for the mission, intellectual capital, creativity, and ability to lead make our reputation and ensure the success of our company.

... quality in all that we do - by our quest for excellence, value creation, and innovation we seek to deliver the best value for our clients and always improve all elements of our business.



About us

We keep eye health in view.

Patients can purchase our products via Internet or from selected providers of ophthalmic devices.

Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians can purchase our products via Internet, individual offers are submitted on request.